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As our slogan entails, we use the most effective approach, based upon our field and office experience. With this knowledge, our team has an advantage when planning, engineering, managing & commissioning projects because of the understanding, relative to other disciplines and trades.

Conrad Consulting's mission is providing sustainable solutions. As an LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) accredited firm, we have the expertise to ensure every sustainable aspect is addressed such as water efficiency (e.g., plumbing fixtures, rainwater harvesting, etc.), equipment efficiency (e.g., chillers, pumps, air-conditioning units, etc.) and level of thermal comfort for indoor air quality and associated personnel productivity.

The following vertical markets are Conrad Consulting's focus: Data Centers/Mission Critical, Healthcare, Bio-Energy/Fuels, Solar-Thermal, Cogeneration, Commercial Office, Schools/Campus, Bio-Pharm and Utility markets.

Energy (e.g., Cogeneration), Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Plant Steam, Pure Steam, Compressed Gas, Vacuum, Waste, Domestic/Industrial/Purified Water, Process Glycol/Chilled Water, Natural Gas and Power Generation systems are the main focus during all phases of the project.

Ensuring every task is thoroughly and accurately completed is one of our many goals. Overall, we take full ownership of a project and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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