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Management Services

Managing a team requires a special understanding of personalities and how to accomplish a task properly. Leadership qualities such as tactfulness and decisiveness are critical to effectively meet a goal in addition to having the team move towards that objective.

The following services are provided, but not limited to:

  • Scheduling
  • Shop Drawing Coordination
  • Turnover Package (TOP) & Submittal Tracking
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection

With the experience of past and present projects, we are able to draft an outline of planning, construction and commissioning activities via a scheduling program. The standard software program is Microsoft® Project which is compatible with most operating systems. During schedule development, we identify the critical areas and existing space impacts. Typically, we indicate every aspect of the project (e.g. permitting, procurement, submittals, rough-in, tie-in, framing, equipment setting, Start-Up and training.).

Because of the nature of retrofits projects, shop drawing coordination is very important to ensure each MEP system doesn't conflict with existing conditions. By using an AutoCAD software program, we are able to layer each respective system and properly coordinate a catwalk, equipment access, mechanical piping rack, ductwork, cable tray, etc. If systems are quite congested, isometric or 3D views are created to assist these efforts.

As apart of a TOP, we initially track the submittals from the supplier, contractor, engineer, owner, etc. Upon approval, the submittals are inserted into a comprehensive TOP Manual which also compiles crucial information such as warranty letters, commissioning reports, operation & maintenance (O&M) manuals, welding certificates, logs, submittals, record or “as-built” drawings, contract documentation, etc.

QA during construction is a difficult task, especially for a fast-track project. Based upon our knowledge about local codes, construction practices, safety protocols, etc, we are able to provide inspection services as an independent agency. This is a viable option before a city, county or state official inspects the progress. After a typical inspection, a Punch List is produced with a tracking matrix to identify who is responsible to finish a task or resolve an issue. Overall, you can rely on our proactive involvement to coordinate your project in the most prudent and effective manner.